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Originally posted by turnne1
I hear that all the time..........but my question is why does MB not recommend that you resurface rotors?......I have never seen a dealer that would do it........
Basically itís a safety issue. If you always have rotors in spec (read that, newish) they will dissipate heat more effectively and ultimately work better and have less chance of failing. Bringing a truck weighing in at around 2.5 tones to a stop is no trivial matter. Also, the rotors are pretty inexpensive. If you are comfortable at DIY you can buy parts here (at partsshop) and cut the cost significantly. OTOH, if MB Doc says he does it every day, I would trust him! Iíve read his posts for years here and he is never wrong.

MB dealers donít fix or re-manufacturer stuff. As a rule they replace parts with new. By the time you have labor to R&R the rotors, labor to re-surface them, add the standard MB dealer warranty, you (as a dealer) are at a deficit with used rotors.

The duty cycle of brake parts varies by a factor of 4x more or less due to use. If most use is freeway, youíll get very long life (duh, if you only hit your brakes every 100 miles they will undoubtedly last a long time), but if you do stop and go, Iíve heard as little as 11K miles for the pads and about 22K miles for the rotors. The fronts wear a lot faster than the rears.

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