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I was wrong

Sorry about the quote, it's actually $575. from an independent garage. I know that the dealership's list is around $700.

BTW, I had the car in the shop just yesterday and the scanner didn't pick up any codes. The car's playing trick on me as well as the shop. Rocky also reported that his CE light will go out on its own. So how do we test this gremlin??? The owner of the shop suggested that they would drop the new sensor into the car so that I could drive it around for the next week or so. If the check engine light stays out, its the sensor. If it comes back, the original sensor may be ok and will be reinstalled. Anyhow, the most impressive thing about this is the honesty and trust displayed by the shop owner. I'm driving around with his brand new sensor as well as a belt tensioner shock (that really did need replacing) and he told me to stop in next week to see what's up. If all is fine, he said that I could pay for everthing then. If not, I get the old sensor back, pay for the shock only, and we keep looking for the cause of the check engine light.

BTW, the shop is Young Stree Garage located in Ottawa Canada. Highly recommend!
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