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My mechanic's shop is closed at the moment, so, I am not sure what the oil pressure was, only that my mechanic (Mercedes certified) said it was with-in spec's, and was NOT the cause of the turbo failure either time. I can only assume he is telling me the truth.

The first turbo completely seized.

A mechanic friend of mine says it was because the turbo was never allowed it to cool off before it was shut down, and that my quick off the line before the turbo was warm didnt help either (never knew these things till now), thus the oil crystalized and accumulated over the years till the turbo (which had an easy life before I got it)seized.

My mechanic says that if the oil pressure was as low as it would have had been not to lubricate the turbo, that there most likely would have been resulting damage to me engine as well. And actually now that I think about it that is what the Turbo Rebuilder guy said, that I was lucky that the first one seized, because that helped save the engine, and that since my oil pressure must be SO LOW (according to him) that severe engine damage will occur (yet, it runs fine).

Just so I know before I speak with my mechanic, what should the oil pressure be on a 1986 300SDL?

As you can see I am just trying to educate myself here, as either of them can say whatever they want, and I am clueless. I want to be able to decipher what is fact from double talk if I can.