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Hi Benzmac.. thanks for the comment.. yes, that is EXACTLY what it does.. when the engine is cold it is as quiet as a mouse for the first 30 seconds, then begins to clatter. My guess is that the glow plugs are timed to stay on a bit after a cold start. Since the car is new to me, my tact is to check the pump timing. If it's okay I'll have the injectors pulled and see if they are streaming at idle power.. perhaps sticking open a bit? Or, is timing more likely the culprit? Maintenance records do not show a chain replacment since new. (119,000 miles)
Maybe you can answer this question too.. in my search for the perfect diesel S Class I test drove several cars.. one 350SD (here in Colorado, same elevation) had neck-wrenching acceleration at almost all speeds.. quick turbo engagement, and was just plane amazing for a diesel. Even acceleration from 60 to 100mph was an un-relenting, steady pull that ran the speedo briskly to the top. This SD had a manufacture date of 7/90 yet was a 1991 model. A few other 350SDs were just under that level of power. My SDL, however, (build date of 5/90 and a 1990 model) is considerably less dazzling, although adaquate. Some specs I saw showed that the SDL is actually several hundred pounds lighter than the smaller SD.. 3880lbs as opposed to the SD at 4100. If so, mine should be faster than that rocket-powered SD. Are these weights in error?
I've heard some rumors that Benz had some trouble with pre-mature failure of this engine. Is this true? Did they "turn down" the horsepower (fuel scheduling) on the SDL? Is the SDL really lighter? Could a timing problem that causes the clatter also be sufficient to degrade horsepower that much? Also, my planned diagnosis will be to measure boost level delivered by the turbo-compressor.
The car is new to me, so I want to establish a "norm" of how it runs when everything is right, then I'll notice when things go wrong easier. I'd be plenty satisfied if it's present peppiness is the way it's supposed to run. The turbo engages quickly, nicely scurrys through the first two gears, etc., but if it isn't, I want to know that, then get it right.
Thanks very much again for your time..

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