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Now that's the "facts" I was looking for.

The A/C compressor is the stock R134a from the 1995 C36 engine. I've checked part numbers, and I've found differences between the R12 W124's and R134a W124 on the condenser, but not the evaporator. We did change out the expansion valve, but I'm not too sure about the hoses.

Donnie- do you think I would get better cooling if I change out the condenser, hoses, and go to dual aux. fans, (and changeout the PowerSteering cooling line as well)?

I'm not sure if the R134a evaporator now supercedes the R12 evaporator, if so, maybe I should change out that instead.

I've taken apart the ENTIRE dash and center unit to change out the HVAC vaccuum elements, so I can save some labor.

:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
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