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Hi Adam,

Using alcohol in the fuel system is nothing new. However, I,
like you, would not consider running my car on it. I live in Canada
and the winters here get very cold at times (-30C). When this
happens, it is not uncommon to have your fuel line freeze up. To
combat the problem, fuel line anti-freeze (alcohol being the active
ingredient) can be added to your fuel system. Some gas suppliers
(Sunoco for example) have already added it to their fuel.

But I do agree that too much ethanol/alcohol in a vehicle's fuel
sytem can cause problems. Moreover, if the fuel you purchase
already has some alcohol added to it, I would not recommend
adding more. I have found that using a fuel that has no more than
10% ethanol can be benifical in that it can absorb the water in
your fuel system. As I result, I find that I get better
gas mileage and smoother acceleration.


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