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Question Quetions on E Class...(kinda long)

I have been driving Volvo 900 series cars for a number of years now. I am absolutely convinced that I prefer RWD cars. As a former MB owner (69 280S, 72 220D, 77 280SLC, 85 380 SEL), I am giving very serious thought to a recent-vintage E class when my 1991 Volvo 944T gives up the ghost (I'm pushing the 200k mile point).

I have a few questions. I understand that the latest E class body style first had a straight 6, then went to a V6 (like my dad's M320). When did that happen? Which one is better? Are there any years that are better/worse than others?

How easy/expensive is maintenance on these cars? I am a bit spoiled by my Volvo, as I am able to do most of the work myself. Are there any particular things I should look out for when looking for a recent-vintage E class (E320)?

Any input and/or opinions are welcome and appreciated.
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