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Dear Lee.
Hi, Is Pete again. I went into some obstacles for the brake pad replacement. I couldn't install the new pads to the rear brake clipers. They are thicker, and I can fit them in. When I insert the new pads I tired to push the piston back at the same time as I push the pads in.
I choice the mintexs brake pads from bekkers besides the MB pads. They had sended me a couple of wrong rear pads already. Spended around 120 trying to get the new pads install at the dealer. They had the mintex factory rep call me and claim they this time it should be right.
The mintex brake pads are for the 400, 500, and 600 series. Fron 91 and on.
I am not sure rather they had send me the worng ones again ? ( 300E uses 400E pads ? on the 93 model ? )
Does my rear brake had sensors ? As I don't see any on them insert to the pads ?
I just needed to find out a couple of things, do u think they had send me the worng parts again ? Or I forgot to do certain things, therefore the pads won't go in as it should ?
Thank you very much for your help
Pete regards