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Decision time (W124)

I own a 1989 260E (W124) with 312,000KM (193,000mi)on it.
It still runs beautifully and no major problems are expected. Transmission is slipping a bit (been slipping for 100,000Km), engine drinks a bit of oil (1qt for 600-800Km). The car is very clean.
I can trade for a 1993 300E 2.8, with the same mileage as my 1989. The car is equivalent to my 1989 in term of cleanliness/appearance. It runs very well, except for waht seem to be a weak A/C performance.
I can trade Trade for $6,000.Can (approx: $3,800.US)
What do you think??? In terms of performance and MPG, how will the 2.8 compares to the 2.6?
Your opinion would be appreciated.
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