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Another update, the upper shock bushings do come with the new Sachs shocks, actually appear to be a part of the shock.

I have now replaced both rear shocks and my clunk on the passenger side rear is gone. Replacing the shocks was a breeze, the only real hassle was removing ALL of the trunk liner to get at the two upper shock bolts. The two side liners fit over the edges of the liner that is against the rear seat/fuel tank. You can get at the drivers side bolt by only removing the drivers side side trunk panel, but all three have to come out to get both shocks.

A tip for other DIY'rs is to remove the upper shock bolts BEFORE you jack up the car, otherwise when you remove the upper bolt the shock stud is sucked down through the hole when the bolt comes off.

I won't boor you with all the details because it was already covered in another thread started by "POORBOY2" titled "I Need Instructions on Replacing Self-Levelling Rear Shocks with ADS"

Next I am going on to the front shocks.
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