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Angry E320 Front Suspension support recall 01-0799.

The local MB dealer carried out work on my 1997 E320 for the Front suspension support recall. (to inspect for possible corrosion). They found no corrosion but I now find that the steering has been adversely affected. My regular weekend trip up the I5 out of Seattle is now a challenge as the front of the car darts and dives at unevenness in the concrete road when taking curves at around 60 mph. The car would smooth out these bumps with no problem before the recall. The steering generally feels nervous now at highway speeds. Clearly something has changed. There is a complication, in that the rear tires were replaced by the dealer on the same day. The car now has MXV4 on the front and MXV4 plus on the rear wheels. I have an appointment next week for the car to be checked over. The service advisor claims that the tires are causing the problem. I am concerned that the dealer's efforts will be focused on the tires, instead of solving the problem with the steering geometry. (I don't believe that new Michelins would have such a negative effect on the steering).
The dealer says that the coil springs are compressed during the inspection work and that the steering components are not changed in any way.
Has any one else had a similar experience with this recall work. Any thoughts about the impact of the new (and slightly different tires) on the steering / handling characteristics?
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