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First of all you should be doing this with the engine running, gives the hydraulic motor more available amps to run.
Be sure the electrical connector is out of the way, not between the top and body (duh).
If you're OK so far, I would try raising the top switch (to get the top up away from the body) then try pulling it down again.
If you don't have any luck with all that, I would recommend taking off the hard top, raising the soft top, and let it sit overnight with the soft top raised and locked, then retry the next day. This will allow the hydraulic system to bleed any air in the system.
Let me know how it goes, either on the thread here or via email.
The latches used to hold down the soft top are the same as the hard top uses, so it's kind of baffling why it would act this way. Maybe the adjustment is a little tight on the hardtop pins so the hydraulic latches have to work harder to latch it down. I would be real hesitant to adjust anything just yet.
I assume the hardtop is original and worked fine at some point, and there has been no adjustments or damage of any type to the body?
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