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Peter Janicki
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Re: Is there power

Originally posted by can-do
Greetings Peter,

You didn't mention whether you were getting power to the fuel pumps prior to starting and while the engine is running? Can you hear the pumps running to prime the line when you turn on the ignition key? Are the pumps still running after the enine stalls and won't restart? Let's start the troubleshooting their first. If the pumps aren't running, is there power going to the pumps? Put the voltmeter on the pump leads when you turn on the key and see if there is juice making it to the pump. Post your results and we'll go from there.

The pumps are priming and running. In fact, there is a delay between the engine stalling and pumps shutting off (they shut off like 10 sec after the engine stalls). I already went under the car to see if the pumps are working and they get power until like 10 sec after the engine stalls. They also get power when the ignition is on. I am not sure what is going on but I see these things that could go out: OVP relay, fuel filter and maybe the fuel pressure regulator but I think that when FPR goes out, it makes the car run real rich (flooding the engine) so I should get some smoke from exhaust... I really have no experience with Mercedes since I usually work on my Porsche, Nissan Pathfinder and 3000GT VR4.... But this is really getting to me...
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