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Question for those that have changed fuel filter on 300E.

Attempting to change fuel filter. Questions after looking under cover:

1) I will open tank to relieve pressure, do I need to do anything else to remove pressure?

2) I have filter but no new washers as mentioned in prior post, is this necessary or can I simply undo fittings and install?

3) If answer to 1 is no, how much fuel will come out and is there any way to stem flow? (Haynes manual mentions a "proprietary clamp" and my other manual states "screw-type clamp" and to avoid 2 other types of clamps that I haven't heard of as these will damage fuel line? ( I have not yet received Factory CDs)).

This should be basically simple procedure as I have done on other cars before but I am worried about not having correct items and ending up with huge and dangerous mess.

All advice and information appreciated.
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