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Methanol is a product produced from wood through a chemical process, it is poisonous and corrosive to plastics in the fuel sytem.

Ethanol is produced through a fermentation process from corn,wheat, potatoes, and just about everything under the sun containing sugar, it is an intoxicant and is not corrosive to plastics.It is not particularly prone to pre-ignition as it has a higher octane rating than gasoline according to the promoters at various energy expos I've attended. I've also heard its the fuel for Indy cars. Jetting was the main modification to run on alcohol in carbuerated cars, FI don't know, maybe the O2 sensor would reduce or increase the fuel flow via the ECU?On a supercharged car in a hot rod mag the alcohol caused parts of the engine to be covered in ice due to the cooling effect of the compression/vaporization.
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