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Further Information

J.M., Nissanzx1, and Arthur, thank you for your replies.

The engine wire harness has probably been replaced by the previous owner. I bought this 94 E320 in April 2001. The harness has a white tag with PN MB 1244405632, ZD 11/03/93 (design date), and FD 24/02/98 (fabrication date, indicating this harness has replaced the original).

There is no damage to the engine wire harness. However, there is a tiny harness with 3 wires that comes out of the firewall just above the oil filter and goes down to somewhere in the engine that shows badly cracked and missing insulation (see attached picture). I believe this 3-wire harness is not part of the engine wire harness. Do any of you know what harness would be this one, and if I can replace it?

Regarding Arthur's question on the codes, I was able to clear code 6 (before I was not doing the corrrect procedure). Already run the car and no code came up so far. However Arthur pointed to something weird: I indeed should be getting a single flash on sockets 7, 8 , and 14, but didn't get any. I can only get a single flash on Pin 4 (CEM). Does this means something?

Thank you all for your help.
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