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Super steamy W126 sauna

My W126 560SEL fogs up badly whenever it gets even a little cold. I can't imagine this is normal - I have to drive around with the defrost on high and be uncomfortable, or else lose all visiiblity. It's worse in the back of the car than the front.

On every other car I've ever had, if you took the interior door trim panel off, there was a sheet of clear plastic film that covered the metal door frame. So if you wanted to monkey with the lock or window, you would peel back the film, do your dirty work, and then careful stick the film back on before reattaching the interior trim panel. My W126 has no such film. I'm wondering if it's not supposed to be there, or if someone just tore it off and never put it back. The car was in Vegas for most of the lst 10 years so I doubt the steamy windows were a problem.

Any other ideas?

87 560SEL
91 300E 4matic
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