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Smog/Air Pump question

Hi all,
I resently replaced my air pump because of some very unpleasent noises and little metal shards flying off of it (the clutch was shot). But I don't think the the new pump is turning on the way it should. I checked the plug connection to see if there was any juice at the connection but the car was already running for a couple of minutes and I was not to surprised to NOT get an electrical reading, because the car was warm. What are the perameters under which the smog pump engages the electro-clutch? I checked the fuses and I don't see one for the air pump. For that matter all the fuses were fine. As things are right know when I cold start the car and look at the front of the pump I can tell that the pump is NOT engaged and I can smell a diffenent odor of uncombusted fuel. As I am sure you are all aware that odor fades away shortly after the car has warmed. I plan to replace the aux. air value but is this going to affect an eletrical issue? I don't want to by-pass the pump as some threads have suggested I want the car to function the way it was intended to.
1992 300E

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