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Originally Posted by POS View Post
It's my understanding the only manuals were in the sixes because the MB manual couldn't handle the power of the V8s. It's my firm belief that no V8s ever came with manual trannys in the r107s or w126s.
Firm beliefs are great but there were quite a few 107 V8s with stick shift, although not for the U.S. market. They were all 116 motors, 3.5 liters, and they came in 111 coupes, 109 sedans and 350SL 107s, and perhaps others. The transmission was a G7627A, mostly 4 speeds but rumored to be a few 5 speeds as well. Of course in the 111s and 109s they were done by the early 70s but the 107s continued though the 70s.
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