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Forgot a couple screws


I was working from memory this morning when I laid everything out for you. I forgot about the two screws at the bottom of the ACC panel. After the radio is out, possibly even if just the face plate is off, you will see two screws holding the bottom of the ACC panel. I plum forgot about them.

Also, when I was pulling and reinstalling my console today I found an easier way around the fresh air slider. Forget the way I told you to do it, try it this way:

Pop the slider knob off and then pry the vent panel off. Now just remove the two phillips head screws and let the assembly lay there loose, do not remove the cable. Once you pull the rear screw under the carpet of the console, you can lift slightly and the assembly will come out the bottom, still attached to the cable. It should look something like this.

Trust me, it is much easier this way. I was having fits trying to get it back together, learn from my mistake.

As for my console, it is in much straighter, but still a minor cant toward the driver's seat. I'm not going to try to straighten it any further, perhaps it is just my anal retentiveness driving me and in reality no one will ever notice. I finished off the console by installing the stereo and checking it for function - it works and sounds good. After what now almost two months I did have a bit of a time remembering where the wires went . Now after a couple times of pulling/installing, I had the console out in about 15 minutes.

Hope you caught the update in time.
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