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I just bought a mint 1987 260E in South Carolina. It is freaking hot down here.

The air conditioner compressor and system works well (compressor fine - makes cold air and fan blows), except for this little really stinking annoying gremlin:

- Frequently, the thing simply decides to blow blazing hot air from the vents. It comes on fast, and only resets when it is ready.

In my limited time with the car, I have successfully reset the condition by monkeying with the controls (turning on/off) and/or restarting off the car.

The compressor still runs through all this and the lines indicate all is well with freon flow. (One hot, one cold).

Disassembly of control panel reveals nothing obvious. . . No sign of degraded vacuum lines under the hood or behind the control panel.

Please help!!! Take a guess... I'll try it.