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The fever is a hard one to break

Greetings Jack,

I know the fever you are talking about. Last year around the same time I didn't own a single Benz, now I have three as well as a van another car a blazer and a pickup truck. The wife said the fever needed to break before we went broke, so I haven't bought any more cars in the last few weeks. Actually the blazer was purchased exactly two weeks ago. I imagine I will be selling the '80 300TD and the van and the car here shortly as that will leave me and my wife each with a Benz to drive in good weather and a 4X4 to drive in bad. I guess if I were you and was just looking to move into something different to drive, take your time and search all your options and test drive several of each class to find something that suits you well and will give you several years of enjoyment. Then I'd buy the one that offered everything I wanted and a price that I felt comfortable with as you drive away. Always did hate the feeling that the dealer got the better end of the deal, so haggle away and revisit on a regular basis until they're tired of seeing you and give in to your price.

That's my $.03 worth, but whom am I to talk, I own seven vehicles and a motorhome and only have two drivers in the family.

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