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I will be going back to have a second look at the 1993 400E tomorrow morning.. I hope the weather clears-up because I might not get a very good impression of the 400E traction under the snow.
I discarded the 1993 300E 2.8. Too similar to my 260E, and my wife hates the color (Black on Black).
I tried the safety arguement.....She said:''Why would it be safer than your current car?''. I said: It's got TWO air bags instead of only one on the driver side. But she said '' It's twice as fast, so what.....?'' I never win with her. (lol)
Might also consider clearing up the fleet......

1989 260E (daily driver)
2002 Honda Civic (wife's car)
1997 Honda CR-V .... to tow behind the Motorhome (my toy)
1978 Corvette (my fun car)
1974 MGB (why do I keep that one?)
1967 Corvette (my retirement fund)
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