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I get a vibration in the steering wheel at 65mph and it does not go away thereafter. In fact the vibration becomes more powerful (frequency appears to remain constant) with increasing velocity. I get the impression that the vibration is not a wheel balance issue since they were balanced only a few days ago. Furthermore, if the car is fully loaded the vibration sets in as early as 55mph.
At 70mph the vibration can also be felt under the seat. It is interesting to note that the rear driver side wheel bearing was replaced a 2 weeks ago by my dealer (MB shop). I did not have any real vibration in the rear of the car before then. Further when the car is fully loaded, the entire body shakes at 65mph+ to the point that it prevents me from driving at a greater velocity (because of sound and discomfort).
Any ideas ? could it be a steering shock ? would it cause the aboive described symptoms ? could the dealer have erred in his bearing installation ? what might he have done wrong or neglected ?
Any insights would be greatly appreciated !!!!!!!