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I have a 1987 300E. The CC buttons seem to be having problems.

1. Off button won't stay off - A/C keeps cliking on and off repeatedly.

2. EC mode, (economy i think) which is suppose to be just air and AC, turns the AC compressor on. I can't seem to just get plain old air.

3. None of the other modes seem to make a difference. Air always comes out of the top defrost vent and the vents closest to the door. NOTHING ever comes from the center front vents. Its like its always on defrost.

Lukily, the temp gauge and fan speed work fine. I get both cold or heat depending on the temp I select and the fan slows down as it reaches its set temp.

Can replacing this CC module fix these issues?

Should I buy new or rebuilt?

If rebuilt, who should I use? I've heard the place in Florida is not too good.

Thanks in advance,