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Question Help installing clear turn signals

I just received a set of Hella clear turn signals from Puma Accessories.The quality is great and came with a set uf orange dual filament bulbs as well as the single filament ones in the new units.
The new bulb holder however, only has 2 metal pins and a plastic pin to connect to the car's wiring(the old units have 3 metal pins and a plastic pin). The new extra set of bulbs(dual filament) will not fit into the bulb holders on the new units, but will fit my old bulb holders.I assume that I have to use the old bulb holder, stick in the new orange dual filament bulbs, and screw the old bulb holders into the new units. The problem is that the bulb holders are designed differently.I believe the Diameter is the same but the old bulb holder has 2 tabs on the side(at 180deg.) to fit into the opening of the units and the new units have 3 at 60deg. apart. Should I just file off one of the tabs on the old bulb holder or file a slot at 180 deg. to an existing one on the new units?
Has anyone else had to do this to install their clear turn signals or am I missing something?Maybe the Hella units are different.The guy at Puma was not very helpful"We don't install.You might need to do some trimming".Yeah. Thanks. I thought they were plug-and -play.
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