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Placo1, what I learned is that there are more than a dozen inputs that can cause the car to go into 'limp home' mode, and the diagnosis is difficult - part experience and persistence on the part of the techs, and part best available tools. So I don't feel confident that something else won't fail! I'm just more prepared to deal with it.

Neil, I do believe the first tool was the HHT. It was small and housed in yellow plastic, like a Fluke meter but fatter, if I remember correctly. I don't know the manufacturer of either unit. I'll ask.

JimF, the paperwork from last week's session reads in part (1 of 6 error codes still present last week): "CODE FROM D. M. DIAGNOSTIC MODULE PIN 19 - CODE 6: Idle speed control incorrect, fault from EA/CC/ISC" So only after I reminded Marty and my tech that the idle contact switch and the EACM (EA/CC/ISC module) had already been replaced did it lead further to the real culprit. They still wanted to replace the idle contact switch again. I'm interested in your comments on this.

Of side interest to JimF - one of the other error codes: "CODES FROM LH DIAGNOSTIC MODULE PIN 4 CODE 3: Engine coolant temperature sensor short or open circuit." I assume that's the added resistor keeping my engine cool, right? ;{) Without it, I would have been frantic with the amount of time the car sat there idling through all this exercise!

Also, I might add, that only because the part degenerated enough over the last several months that you could pretty much cause the event to happen every time you ran the car, could it be found "live". So I don't feel like anyone wasn't doing their job! But it was my tech's persistence that I credit with solving the problem.
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