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Okay, more questions. First, this is not only my first Benz, but also my first diesel. I know I can expect it to be weak even though it is a turbo, but what the real problem is is that the transmission robs the power. It changes first at about 18 mph, then quickly again into high at about 25 mph. So from 25 to 40 mph, it has no pickup at all. At 40 and above, it has plenty of get-up-and-go. Now, if you shift manually, it is better, and will shift smoothly into high all the way up to 40 mph. However, when you start in low, it seems to have four gears. So, the question, I guess, is does it hurt to change it manually sometimes? It has the paperwork in the glove pocket that says it had a rebuilt ($2000) transmission from Aamco put in it in 1989. Oh yeah, DUH, where's the oil filter. Looks like an oil filter mounted behind the power steering pump, what gives?