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Look in the service booklet for the items covered in the "A" service. If it's missing, drop by a dealer and get one.

The A is a glorified oil change, and is easily done by even a beginner DIY'er.

I use a Liquivac for the oil change, but still do the rest of the check. Changing the dust filter is easy. I also do the engine air filter at both A and B services.

The A serive for my C230 is:

Warning and indicator lamps, horn
Headlamps, exterior lamps
Wiper/washer system
Seat belts
Reset FSS
Replace Dust filter

Inspect tires tread depth
Tire Pressure
Brake pad thickness
Brake disc condition

Engine oil and filter change

Engine coolant protection
Brake fluid level
Windshield washer fluid level
Lubricate engine hood hinges

Check and correct spare tire pressure (not for SLK)
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