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Originally posted by Rasoul
...It is hard for me to imagine IGN sys is causing this since as soon as you shift to R or D Idle stablizes immidiately,also it idles good when the eng is cold(for 3 to 4 min).
Makes sense, but I'd check just to make sure. After all, everything else has been done!

Fuel pump relay? Wrong symptoms...

I thinks it's funny that you'd still get those codes after replacing the parts...hhhmmmm.

I'd still have a go at the intake system again. As I said, our 626 had the EXACT same symptoms, and the MAS was the problem. It didn't show a code, but the tech had a hunch. There MUST be something in idle control somewhere that's causing this. Fuel management? Air managment?

This is an HFM equipped car, not CIS.
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