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Originally Posted by briandownunda View Post

I just bought a 1987 560SL & the door check is popping very loudly when closing it. I noticed some of the posts in this forum discussing other vehicles and a price of $30-$40 for a "door check strap". When I looked in the parts section in the "Buy Parts" tab, there was a "door check" at something like $170. Will I need to buy this $170 part to fix this or is there a less expensive way ?

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Yes, it looks like the price of a R107 check strap is about $142.50 and a R129 is $21.25. Go figure.

It would probably be a good idea to replace your door strap before it completely breaks and the door is stuck in the full out position. I had it happen to me. It's kind of scarey when you have to force the door shut so that you can get your car home or to a service technician. At the time I was concerned that I was breaking more parts inside the door. It turned out that it just destroys the strap and the door no longer functions correctly.
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