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i read with interest your reply to nick jamal
about an ac problem with his 86 300 e , and i have some follow up questions.the ac on my 87 300e works great around town,really cold seems like when it goes on the highway
after a while the fan is still going but nothing is coming out of the vents.when you turn the fan on high you can hear it going as loud as it always is but barely any air is coming out.what little air does come out
still seems to be cool,but it gradually diminishes to nothing.if i turn the ac off
and turn it back on after 15 or so minutes
while still traveling all the while it will
be fine for a few minutes and then the air flow goes down again?going around town at 35 to 50 mph we have no problem.i suspect possibly this sensor you refer to that is on the back of the compressor that goes bad above a certain you think that might be the problem? if so, is this sensor available without having to buy the whole compressor?and can you tell me where i might buy it?or could there be something else going on?thanks for your help
greg stein