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I have an '86 300E with 138k miles on it. I have a MB battery with 6 water cells. The battery is 24 months old and has 11,000 miles on it. I am the car's second owner. I bought the car 1 year ago.

I left my dome light on. 3 days later I tried to start the car and it was dead. I jump started it. I left it run for 45 mins to recharge. When I went to start it a couple hours later, it was again dead. I had lights but not enough juice to start it.
I noticed the cells were down about 10 oz. of fluid. I refilled them with water from my basement dehumidifier. (I was told along time ago that, that is distilled water) maybe I was told wrong. I then trickle charged the car/battery for 2 days. Well it held the charge for a half a day (a couple of starts/stops)and then after sitting for 3 days...the battery again would not start the car.

Is there anything I could do before I take it in? One idea I had was to use a turkey bastter and get as much water out of the cells as possible, then go to an auto parts store and buy some of that acid, fill the rest up with real distilled water and try trickle charging again for a couple days.

any advise???


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