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Scraping sound under dash--'83 500SL Euro

I've got a strange noise coming from i guess inside the dash. Only happens when I'm starting off, and usually when it's a little bit uphill, where there's a little more tug on the engine. It sounds just like someone is pulling a screwdriver across the inside of a metal garbage can and lasts about a second. I can make it last a couple of seconds longer if I give it a little more pedal. It's not super loud, but plenty loud so anyone would notice.

I thought it might be a heater vent door scraping against the duct inside there, or maybe one of those slave vacuum doohickies that opens the vents. I removed the inst cluster and trove it for a few days to see if I could isolate the sound, but that didn't help. Maybe its coming from just inside the engine compartment? Happens whether hot or cold, and whether heater of A/C is on or off.

Ever hear of anything like that?
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