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He Drove 1,700,000 Million Mile In His Volvo!

Got this from another MB list. Thought to post here.

3,000 miles Get a Change

It's not just a myth. There's a guy out there right now who has a '66 Volvo P1800 that has almost 2 million miles on it now. He's a retired schoolteacher and all he does now is drive around for Volvo. His name is Irv something-or-other. I just call him Iron Butt. If you ask him the key to the car living as long as it has, he'll say, "I change the oil every 3,000 miles." You don't need to put in gasoline additives in the wintertime. If you keep changing your oil regularly, there is no need for you to put in any kind of magic voodoo goo.
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