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Jim Fisk
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I have a 1990 300CE24 that I upgraded to the Euro lights. I got mine from Bekkers Imports (800)624-5410, I believe on sale for around $200 each side WITH clear marker lights included. It is an easy fit on the E series if you know how to use a voltmeter and basic tools. The lights come with a new connector shell, but you must open the old connector shell and take the connector pins out and put them in the correct place in the new shell. I didn't have a wiring diagram so I borrowed a meter from work and made up a little pinout chart: High beam, Low beam, Fog Lamp, Ground, I believe. Excellent results: Better lighting pattern, replacable bulbs (H4), upgradable bulbs (up to 80 Watt low and 100 Watt high, no problem on mine without relays), much nicer, more modern look. One problem on the E: If you have headlight wipers, the new headlights require different motor (reverse rotation path), new wiper arm and blade, and a new bezel on each side that must be painted to match your car ($75 it cost me). Would I do it again? Absolutely. Clean install. I recommend, but the total was about $700!