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Originally Posted by mvillarejos View Post
The Check Engine light on my 1997 C230 came on, so I took it to the dealer, who performed some tests and recommended that I change the air mass flow meter. They "think" this will solve the problem.
My questions are:
What other failures could cause the Check Engine light to stay on?
How can I be certain that the air mass flow meter is in fact defective?
Any thing that ever comes up as being defective or suspected as being defective will cause that beautiful light to come on and stay on until you get the code cleared either by dealer or indy mechanic. If u took it to the dealer and they said its the MAF....u might as well do it. Don't worry I'm on my 3rd MAF in the last 8 years. Paid $900 from Mercedes Canada for the first one......and got the last one for really cheap from Auto House $300 something. Just buy it and swap it out ur self, its that easy.
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