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Talking Problems with your rear...

suspension, that is.
For all of you guys (and gals) that have replaced the rear links of your vehicles and still have noises problems coming from the rear. Take a look at your outer bushings from the rear lower control arm. I finally replaced mine this past weekend and they were rusted and, in one word, shot. They are hard to see since they are hidden from plain view by the lower control arm. I discovered the problem by accident, when I was changing one of the rear links a while back. You need a puller and it can be done with the wheel carrier in place or, if you don't feel like doing it yourself, ask your mechanic to check and change them for you, if needed.
You can make your own puller, which is very similar to the differential mounts puller but smaller.
The difference is amazing!!! Of course this is directed to all MB with the multilink rear suspension.
Just a suggestion!
'86 300E
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