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Originally Posted by fahrgewehr2 View Post
Why not a CIS 104 motor? (3.0 - from a 300CE or SL)

227hp vs. 201 for the m116. 7000 RPM redline is unique.

Looks like the mounts are the same (obviously both motors were in the same car). No fabrication, totally stock, more power, and you can stick with CIS (a good or bad thing, depending on your point of view.
Even the 104 from a newer TE. I have not had a problem with the power of the stock engine in my TE,,, until I drive the wifes' 400. The TE still kicks some serious butt though. On the local "drag strip", I have beat a Hemi Dodge pick up and many assorted ricers. They always look at me as if to say,,, WTF was THAT ?
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