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1983 380 SEC Acceleration problems


I have a 1983 MB 380 SEC with acceleration problems. It is more pronounced when it is cold (even after it has been on for more than 20 minutes before use) It seems that the car needs a lot of horse power just to get going. Sometimes it feels like the transmission does not grab the shift it should. (it is an automatic)
Some other times the car does not let go on the first shift and it doesn't until I put in on neutral, wait for the rpm's to go down and then put it in drive. It is also very noticeble on tight turns, the car just does not seem to want to get the proper shift at the proper time and keep it there. I know that there is no problem with the engine, so I suspect that it is the transmission. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated!! I hope this is in right place.

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