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This is what i got from Redline tech support. What do you think should I use MTL or D4ATF? Seems they recommend MTL generically to Mercedes manual transmissions. Thought it might be because not many were brought in recently and perhaps this is a newer transmission than what there specs are for. But then again it is a 1980 and it is hard to imagine it is to be considered "Newer"

>I have used your products in some of my cars. I have an European
>Mercedes 1980 280se that has a manual transmission and I am
>replacing the clutch. I want to change the fluid and was wondering
>what Redline fluid would be best. It calls for Type A automatic
>transmission fluid. I have also been advised that the Mercron
>additives are not kind to some older seals, especially in older
>transmissions and power steering. Any advice?

In the Mercedes manual transmissions, our guide calls for a low
viscosity gear oil and we would recommend the MTL. If your owners
manual is calling for a Type A Fluid, then the D4ATF would be
suitable. The Dexron/Mercon additives shouldn't be hard on the seals,
a Type A fluid is a Dexron predecessor.

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