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SL Defroster

Originally Posted by pwrslider View Post
I just picked up a hard top for my 72 has the cable plug that fits into the side plug.....but the rear window doesn't have those tell-tale wires in the glass that a normal defroster has..... When I hit the defrost button on the dash...nothing really happens.

1. Do I actually have a defroster....with no wires in the glass?

2. How come it don't work?

3. Should I just continue to use my manual defroster....(hand and a rag??)_

any help would be great.
The hard top of my 380sl doesn't have any visible wires in it either, and it always worked fine. When I put it on last winter, however, it wasn't working, even though there was power to it. (You can use a multi-tester to see if your plug is energized.)

The only alternative, I guess, is to get one of the universal grids that JC Whitney sells, though it won't be as transparent as the original.

Please let me know if you find out what the problem is.

Good luck,

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