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Where does this vac line go to stop rough idle?

Hey guys!
Some background... I have an 86 560 SEL that has had a rough idle and slight shake lately...I changed out the plugs last night and she runs a bit smoother but when I took her out I still noticed the hesitation although she had more responsive accelleration.Of course when I called Autozone and Advance auto parts, they only wanted sell me plats and ensisted they were the best for my car (probably because they didn't have the bosch super coppers) although when I called prior to going they said they had the "stock" plugs for my car. Anyway, after explaining to the employees that my car never came with platinum plugs stock,I ended up at my buddy's independent MB shop (who was basically about to close shop but stayed open-thanks Rick!) and he sold me the coppers.
While I was there I heard hissing after we popped the hood to check my rotor (oh yea, his tech couldn't even get the cap off because it was so tight and we didn't want to strip the phillips screw-I've heard about that night mare from others and before the tech got a chance to make it a project to dislodge the screw, I told him to forget it because Rick was trying to close).Once I changed the plugs, I looked for the source of the hissing as the car ran and found that a vacuum line is not hooked to its "source" and if anyone could possibly tell me where this line goes to it would be appreciated. The part # is 001 140 20 60 and the vac line on one side goes to the top of the intake manifold and the other end has a vac line that goes down somewhere by the distributor but I couldn't find anything that it would connect to. What should this Themo vacuum valve connect to? TIA
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