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bulb options


jce is right [again]. period.

let me ask you how old you are? age does make a difference in what light we see better. do be careful if you use 80/100 watt bulbs [this should be your max wattage], consider [strongly] beefing up your wiring! is now giving away a pair of "free" blue vision "city light bulbs" with every order.

definetly hook up your city lights!!

i am currently using the philips vision plus bulbs john was talking about, i am satisfied withe light for a 55/60 watt bulb. theses are only available through a european source. they claim 50% more light than standard 55/60's. i have just ordered some osram silver star's which also claim + 50% increase.

piaa makes a good bulb but they are WAY OVERPRICED!

"narva bulb" #48541 is for a "yellow" dichroic coated 85 watt h-3 [fog light] bulb.

another option for you if you like the yellow fog lights is to remove the faceplate from your old lights, CAREFULLY remove the yellow glass cover. carefully remove the glass lens of your new lights [clean the inside of lens- just a tip] put the yellow covers over your new fog lights and you will never have to look for the "hard to find" yellow h-3 bulbs AGAIN.

aim those lights well. you will be amazed by the light output

let us know what you do

*92 400e 124.034, SOLD

*92 300e 124.030, SOLD

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