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I'm not sure what you mean by "dive"

since set-up people for NASCAR would use that term in a way which is the opposite of your later point about the tires seeming to roll under. If the front end seems to roll too much, or too suddenly, perhaps you do need a set of shocks with more jounce (compression of the shock) resistance (some adjustable shocks have the adjustment apply to control of rebound only, not jounce), but if this is a steady state condition once you've set the car up into the corner, you probably want heavier sway bars at both ends.

Regarding the tires seeming to roll under, the first thing to try for this whole situation would certianly be more front pressure, but what you may really need would be a lower profile tire, especially one of those with an additional "cap" ply of nylon reinforcing the steel belts, which seems to make a huge difference on several of the cars of very different layouts to which I have fitted them lately.
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