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Really bad sound from rear!

I drove down to Phoenix last week(100miles) and had a good scare. Everything was fine until a horrible squeeling, metal grinding, clunking came from the right rear. I immediatly pulled into a parking lot to check thinks out. Only made noise when moving. I parked jacked up the rear to check things out. Turning the right rear made the noise. Sounded like it was coming from the end of the axle shaft. I fiddled with the shaft and rotated the tire in both directions. Put car back down, drove about 100 feet and the noise went away. I drove home and the car hasn't made a sound since. Took it to MB indie shop. They jacked it up and checked things out. "Everything looks fine". We came to the conclusion that a piece of gravel got stuck in the brakes. Seems to fit, He said it happens sometimes. Is this true? Any help? thanks, andy
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