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The procedure is difficult to describe, and hard to follow without pictures, so I'll just quote/paraphrase the manual for the 126 chassis:
Front fender panel
1. Unclip from below (plastic wedge or something, pry out)
2. Pull paneling downwards and disconnect at top
Driver's door
1. Remove front fender panel
2. Undo a nut hidden behind the weatherstrip at the back of the door
Note: helps to put a bit of gum or something in the socket to retain the
nut, you don't want to have to remove the door panel to retrieve it
3. "Unclip paneling at top (from the rear in forward direction; paneling is hung up at front top)"
4. "Unclip paneling below (from the front toward the rear;paneling is hung up at the rear below)"
5. "Slip paneling forward and disengage below at rear"
6. "Pull paneling toward the rear and disengage at front top"
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