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I don't believe that the 400E has an OVP. I think that the idle is controlled by the throttle valve actuator, about $900 from the dealer. I just went through this repair on my 94 E420, and can tell you that the throttle actuator is pretty well buried in the engine. However, my car had a very low idle, to the point that it would periodically stall, so your problem is quite different. Is it possible that the throttle cable is out of adjustment? There is a small, black threaded knob that goes around the throttle cable which can be turned in either direction to put tension on the cable, or in your case, relieve excess tension. Worth a try, but probably not the solution, since it would happen whether the car was hot or cold. It almost sounds as if the car is staying in warm up mode, where the idle is high and the car shifts at a higher rpm to aid warm up.
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