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Originally Posted by Froggy View Post
I'm reading lots of recommendations to farm it out. But it sounds like about a $7 or $800 job to have the shop do it, so I guess I'm stuck.
Yeah, it's not so enjoyable, and I did farm it out. But it wasn't $700-$800. It was more like $150. I had them replace the steering box, replace the coupler and replace the motor mounts all at the same time, and the total labor came to $300. Parts added a bit on top of that.

Come to think of it, it was probably less than that. To replace the steering box they had to dismantle to exhaust system, so that would have been the bulk of the labor. The only reason I didn't do the motor mounts myself is because I needed a tool I didn't have and didn't want to sacrifice a good quality tool to make. You have to whack a good chunk off a hex bit to make it small enough to fit in between the exhaust manifold and the bolt to be undone.

Originally Posted by Froggy View Post
It'd be nice to know the mounts are the problem before I rearrange my knuckles. Can you tell anything by putting it in gear and torquing the engine with the brakes on, forward then reverse? How much should the engine move?
In my case it was very easy; one of them had broken completely. Every once in a while, if I didn't let off the gas immediately when the engine caught, the whole car would lurch with the torque of the engine. The difference in the feel of the car was night and day after they were replaced.

And if the idiot who did it had actually put the screws back into the heat shielding and tightened down the EGR valve when he was done, I'd have been very happy with the work he did.
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