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Originally Posted by ForcedInduction View Post
Gear reduction starters are great! At swift some of the Cummins ISX engines have a traditional starter and some have gear reduction. The RPM difference between the two is very noticeable, between 50-100rpm higher.

If my 617's starter fails I'm going to get a Mean Green reduction starter.
Catalogue. Video (not my car).
Cool, thanks for the info. I think we will go that route. It's been an expensive 2 weeks for us. Just got done repairing the front driver corner of the box where it met a decent sized branch at 30 mph (stupid thing stands 13'6" for no good reason other than that the curtainside box we found was taller than we needed it to be) while we had it in the shop to get a Jake Brake installed. Might as well throw a new starter at it while I'm still writing checks.

I'll definitely keep that Mean Green info. handy for future reference for my TD, too.

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